Sunday, December 4, 2011

Until Further Notice..

Well, life has become very chaotic for the ladies of the blog. Until further notice, the blog will be inactive due to busy schedules. We will recommend a fic when we return.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Improv: and then they died.

Hey guys! Time for some improv and of course, that means I come running to write you a short but powerfl little drabble. Today will be mostly therapeutic for me. I've had to read over a dozen fairytales the last couple of days and felt like strangling the Brothers Grim or Mother Goose, hell just anyone that had to do with fairytales to begin with. So when TwittahMom gave me the prompt "and then they died", I started plotting my revenge against the world of fairytales.

So here goes:

Bella pleaded with Jasper to turn back. Surely, their father would be waiting at home by now, and if they kept wandering around for much longer, the breadcrumbs might blow away with the wind, or worse, be eaten by animals.

Jasper wouldn't hear of it, being the oldest and almost a man, he felt it was his responsibility to bring them home, and he'd be damned if he took the pussy way out by following Bella's stupid breadcrumbs.
"We're almost there, Bella. Trust me."

He couldn't quite make out what Bella mumbled behind the fabric of her scarf, but it sounded something like "You've been saying that all day." and to be honest, it pissed Jasper off. Quickening his pace, he forced her to run in order to keep up with him, tiring out her already exhausted little body even more.

Bella was whining, and she knew it, but they had been walking for far too long for her to care. Only when she ran out of breadcrumbs did she put her foot down and refused to walk another step.
"We have to go back!" she shouted, and to her surprise, Jasper agreed.

They followed the crumbs back for at least seven miles, until suddenly the trail ended. There wasn't a single crumb left in sight and Bella fell to her knees sobbing, as she kept on repeating, "I knew it."

Jasper's attention wasn't on Bella though, because through the trees he could make out the dark smoke of a chimney burning. Excitement grew inside of him with the knowledge that they were so close to home, but he didn't tell his little sister, opting to let her cry out first. The stress of the day would wear anyone down, and poor Bella was only ten years old after all.

Instead, he decided to go investigate first, while his sister cried and picked at the leftover breadcrumbs. Refusing to let his eyes stray from the smoke, he crawled, walked and stumbled his way through the thick forest to a house. Only it wasn't a regular house. It was made entirely from gingerbread, candy canes and other delicious candy. His stomach growled on cue and he nearly walked out of the tree line, but just in time the old witch walked out.

Jasper vaguely remembered a bedtime story his mother used to tell him, about a brother and sister that got lost in the woods and then nearly gotten eaten by an old witch with a house just like this. He couldn't put his sister in danger like that and with a heavy heart he turned back. He hadn't found their home, nor did he find shelter for them that night. He was a failure, and Jasper knew it.

Having kept his eyes upwards the entire time, Jasper had no clue where he had come from and now, he had lost his sister as well. Days and nights passed where he looked for the little annoying sprite, while on the other side of the forest said little sprite was looking for him. Hunger gnawed at both of them, but they refused to give up. Once they found each other, all would be alright again. They'd eat, they'd chat, they'd find home and live out their life happy and healthy.

On the sixth day, they were both weak and tired, but by some miracle, they did find each other. As they embraced and whispered words of gratitude to the heaven's above, they sunk to their knees. Bella gently kissed Jasper on the cheek, showing him the sibling affection that had been lacking for years now and promised him everything would be alright. Jasper believed her, and then they died.

That was one weird ending, but hey, it's improv after all.
I hope you enjoyed it anyhow and I'll see you all soon for more.

Shirley Out.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shirley Is Awesomesauce

It's Shirley's birthday!!! Woooo! And we love her. And by we, I mean myself and Castiel up there. He looooves Shirley. And he wanted to wish her a happy birthday even after all the disaster she caused on her birthday night out, destroying champagne glasses everywhere she went.

And that's the sign of an awesome birthday.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday's Improv

Shirley is a happy puppy, because today's time for improv again. I know I said I was going to give this one to the first one to reply, but I got two answers in mere seconds and decided to use both of them.
The first one came from the wonderful Thumpa_ and man, is it a good one. She gave me the word 'Featherbutt.' And the second one came from mycoffeemuse. Her sentence was 'A thunderstorm at sunset.'

So here we go. *cracks fingers and starts typing*

It was getting late, Bella noted as she stared out of the motel room. Outside the wind howled and thunder made her flinch in discomfort. She had never gotten used to the dire weather conditions in this part of the world. She still feared the thunder and lightning as if she were a little girl, who hid underneath her blankets and cried out for her daddy. A daddy who never came, because he lived thousands of miles away.
At least, she did have her daddy now.

Bella grumbled to herself, displeased as her childish fears kept her rooted on the spot. She should be out there, looking for her friends. She should be doing something. She didn't. She just stared outside.
A thunderstorm at sunset, she thought wryly, how fitting.

"Castiel?" she called out in the empty room. Her gaze flickered from the window to the ceiling as she repeated his name over and over again. She called his name until her voice was hoarse.  She needed to know what had happened to her childhood friends. Had he found the brothers? Were they safe? Was her father okay?

Too many questions ran through her mind. But as another roll of thunder startled her out of her dazed state of mind, she heard the unmistakable sound of feathers ruffling. She turned around quickly and came eye to eye with her beloved. "Finally! I came this close to hunting down your feathery ass!"

Castiel wasn't fazed as he neared her cautiously; his posture determined but rigid as ever. His face didn't reveal anything as he stared down into her brown eyes and awkwardly lifted a hand to brush the hair out of her face.
"You shouldn't worry so. Dean and Sam will resurface. I'm certain of it," Castiel's words, though reassuring, did nothing to easer her tension. Castiel's tone too cold and too distant to be considered gentle.
"And what ab-" Bella started, hoping that at least he could tell her something about her father, but with another flurry of wings Castiel had departed.
"Goddammit! Why do you always do that? You-You FEATHERBUTT!" Bella yelled at the spot where Castiel had stood, and she might have even stomped her foot a little.

Well, that was it! These were two fandoms combined, but I still hope you liked it. See you next week!

Mistress Shirley, signing off!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Improv : Rainbows in a batch

Wow, it's been a long-ass time, but I'm here now! *winks*
So, it's Friday...Does anyone remember what happens on Friday? Yep, that's right! Friday Improv!!

Today's prompt came from Ohmyitsv and damn, does it look like a tasty one! Literally!
But even so, it's a tough one and I've been staring at it for nearly an hour. Will inspiration hit me or not. Oh what the hell, let's just start writing and let it come as we go, huh?

Here's the prompt:

"Mommy, I want a rainbow, a castle in the sky and two big unicorns for my birthday," Bella said softly, looking up at her mother with big, hopeful eyes. She wasn't going to get any of those. Even if those things were remotely do-able, which they were not, then her mother would never be able to afford such gifts. 

In fact, it was worse. Being a single mother, Renee simply couldn't afford any gift right now. She had used the last of her monthly income on bread, ham and spaghetti - on which they would have to survive 'til next week. There was simply no way to celebrate her daughter's birthday. 

Renee had secretly hoped that Bella had forgotten, but she wasn't that lucky. Pushing the swing, she looked around uncomfortably, trying to come up with an answer - any answer. 
Thankfully, she didn't need to think on it for too long, because Bella's attention had been drawn to the boy with fair blond hair, who had just walked into the playground with his mother. As Bella ran up to Peter, Renee followed, her stride hesitant and weary. 

Charlotte noticed and as soon as the kids ran off to play, she asked Renee what was going on. Listening to the poor woman, she was instantly hit with an idea and winked assuringly at Renee. 
"I can give her rainbows, don't worry," she said. "More rainbows than Bella can handle." 
Laughing heartily, she asked Renee to keep an eye on her boy and headed back home to whip up a batch of rainbow cupcakes. 

Well, that was it for me! See you all soon!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where art thou? PART 2

Would you like to know what blows worse than unstable WIFI and shitty laptop?? Your only way home getting arrested, both of them, an being stranded in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. THEN you have a place to stay, but the library internet blocks Mature content so you cannot answer back to any reviews, the blog, ANYTHING of that sort...

Well. That was what had happened to me in a short. It rocked, it sucked, I'm back. Permanently, for now. Hehe.

So onto the second reason behind this post! The girls and I, excluding Remy because I cannot find her at this moment, have so far decided to look for more girls for the blog. If you would like to be apart of The Existence and help keep this wonderful place alive and posting daily, please contact one of us via DM on Twitter. @MuthrFkngUnique, @Shirley_007 or @RemyKilday.

Thank you!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where areth thou?

As you have noticed, we have been relatively quiet here on the Existing. I, personally, went on a vacation and took a break, Remy is busy with schoolwork. So the big question was, 'where the hell is Sarah?'.

Well, I finally got some news. Some things happened unexpectedly and she disappeared from the radar. She is trying to get back online, but her new accomodations are blessed with unstable WIFI and a shitty computer, so I can not tell you when she will be back. All I can really say, is that she is trying her hardest to get back to all of you wonderful people.

And as you can see, my break is over, so I will start posting again soon.

Love you all!

Mistress Shirley